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Dream-Born are Prometheans that were created through powerful dreams that were infused with Azoth and gave life to a new Promethean. They can be of any Lineage, with the difference that these Prometheans will never meet their creator. Needless to say, that these species of Prometheans is extremely rare.


Prometheans that are created though dreams have a much harder start than their brethren. They are completely inexperienced and although they have the desire to be around humans, they rarely understand the nature of their Disquiet and why people gonna hate him so much. The warping effect on the land he witnesses seems a natural thing for him. When he develops a Refinement, there’s no guarantee that he’ll associate it with a metal, or understand it as an alchemical operation. His behavior affects the way he develops his powers. The way in which he develops his powers influences the way he behaves in future.

As by their very nature, Dream-Borns affect the dreams of other people, usually by turning them into a nightmare by their mere presence, and are in the most cases completely powerless within the foreign dreams they inhabit as they are denied interaction with human hopes and fears even on these basic level. The predicament bleeds out into the Promethean’s Wasteland. People caught sleeping within its perimeter begin to find their dreams colliding with the dreams of others. The man who becomes a dog runs into the lovers in the meadow. The naked businessman finds himself having to give a presentation to a class of half-remembered schoolchildren.


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