A Draugr is a Fomoragh created in the incredibly rare event that a vampire is possessed by a Rotwalker Bane.


Since Rotwalkers usually only possess the dead, it takes a great deal of coercion or circumstance to turn its attention away from its favoured host. In addition, the presence of the vampire's mind makes it harder for the Rotwalker to express its powers. If the union should be successful nonetheless, the resulting creature is a great threat to both the Garou and the Masquerade.

A Draugr, in contrast to a vampire, has only to sleep a few hours per day, and sunlight afflicts bashing instead of aggravated damage. The fangs shorten and dull, and the Kiss loses its euphoric effect, similar to the Clan Curse of the Giovanni. The saliva of a Draugr has also lost its healing capacity, so its victims often bleed to death.

Those unfortunate persons who fall victim to a Draugr rise up as zombie-like servants after twelve hours. These creatures than flock to the Draugr who created them. The victim’s psyche breaks down in less than six hours, rendering the corpse a shambling cadaver no smarter than a dog, though it can and will follow simple instructions from its maker. The corpse becomes violent when something gets in the way of finding its creator. Twelve hours after reanimation, the corpse develops fangs like the Draugr’s, and it seeks out blood if left unattended. After 24 hours, sunlight begins to harm him as well. After three days, the servant needs one blood point to stay active.


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