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Draugr is a word used by vampires to describe a kindred whose Humanity has been defeated by the Beast.


Draugrs are non-sentient. They do not reason or think -- they cannot even speak. A draugr has a simple rhythm to its suffering. Hunt. Kill. Feed. Sleep. Repeat. Vampires who have reached this stage have forever and irretrievably succumbed to their Beasts.

The Man within a Draugr is gone for good. A draugr leaves a trail of corpses and public attacks that attract mortal attention. Even bitter enemies put aside their struggles and cooperate to stop a draugr before it breaks the Masquerade beyond repair. Due to this level of threat, Princes frequently have no choice but to call down Blood Hunts upon a Draugr's head.


  • The word "draugr" comes from the Old Norse term for a reanimated corpse that viciously stalks and kills its living relations.
  • The word Revenant is frequently used by modern vampires to describe the Draugr, but the Gangrel still widely use the old form.


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