Dopplegangers, also known as the Shadow-Eaten, are a form of Spectre found in Wraith: The Oblivion. They appear much like normal wraiths, aside from being paler and thinner. Deathmarks often mar their bodies, though use of Moliate can hide this. The one dead giveaway is that their Shadow is always visible in their eyes in some manner.

Dopplegangers retain Fetters, allowing them limited access to the Skinlands, where they wreak havoc among the living and threaten the Fetters of wraiths. In the Shadowlands, they make use of Moliate to impersonate wraiths in positions of power.

Most of the Spectres who were originally wraiths become Doppelgangers upon their conversion to Spectredom. Because they are common and expendable, the Doppelgangers are fairly low-ranked in the society of the Spectres, only ranking above the Mortwights in terms of power. Most are used as servants or as actors in Harrowings, and few move beyond those positions for as long as they exist. There are, however, a select few Doppelgangers who successfully manage to infiltrate wraith society and create havoc in the Necropoli. On extremely rare occasions, an especially clever and charismatic Doppelganger actually infiltrates a major faction within society, such as a Guild or a Legion, where it keeps a respectable face while actually doing Oblivion's work.


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