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Alonso Pérez de Guzmán


Don Medina Sidonia










Doña Beatriz



Don Medina Sidonia, born as Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, is a Lasombra tactician of great renown. In life, he was duke of Medina Sidonia, a title he has taken with him into the unlife.


Don Sidonia had been the admiral in life who lost the Armada to the English, thanks to his own lack of initiative and self-confidence. But not a small part for the failure of the fleet had been found in the order of Philipp II of Spain, so several Lasombra Elders decided to use the admiral as an object lesson to the king.

He was embraced and presented in a near-starved state before the king, while his sire held him back and and explained the basics of leadership to the frightened king while the former duke of Medina Sidonia howled for blood. Several Elders of the Clan wanted to kill the don afterwards, but his sire intervented, feeling piety for him and instructed him in the ways of the Clan and the Sabbat.

In unlife, the former duke of Medina Sidonia quickly proved himself as a brilliant tactician, determined to erase the shame from his defeat in the Channel. His great success as a Lasombra granted his sire ascension into the ranks of Les Amies Noir and himself great prestige for war efforts coordinated by him against New York and Manila.

The Don has maintained his hatred against Britain and strives to see its destruction. He also has a grudge against a Ventrue named Parma, who was a former mercenary who deserted the Armada and joined the British.


  • For informations about the real life figure of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, you might also check his article in wikipedia.


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