Vampiric Domain

Domain is a physical territory to which a vampire access for the purpose of feeding and asserting his will.


This term is often employed to describe an area claimed by an influential vampire who has gained respect; a Prince will often claim a city as their domain. Some vampires refer to their domain as hunting grounds, and most jealously guard them, even invoking the Second Tradition of the same name to protect their claims.

The width of a domain varies. During the Dark Medieval, the rule was a quote of one vampire per 1000 mortals[1], which was referred to as the rule of 1001 Nights[2]. Most Princes in the Modern Nights try to enforce a quota of 1:100000 per mortal[3], but Sabbat and Anarch domains often flaunt this rule.

Other termsEdit

  • Fief: A sarcastic term for a vampire’s domain or claim thereof, most commonly used in reference to a Prince.
  • Turf: A modern affectation used in reference to a domain.
  • Demesne: A term more often employed to describe a feudal-style domain.  


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