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Type: Chantry
Affiliation: Order of Hermes, Council of Nine Mystic Traditions

Doissetep is an Order of Hermes stronghold and one of the greatest chantries in Tradition history. It is currently located upon Mount Celidar in the very center of the Shade Realm of Forces; from this vantage point its residents have shaped the realm to their liking and taken advantage of easy access to the portal leading to the Shard Realm of Forces. The chantry's founding is lost to history, but it is believed to have originated in ancient Thailand before being moved to Turkey in the eight century, then to have been taken over by the Order of Hermes and moved to Spain in the ninth century. It rose to prominence during the Mythic Age of Europe, but Order of Reason assaults eventually destroyed its earthly presence. Though its charter states that the chantry exists to serve as a refuge for all Tradition mages and to lead the fight against the Technocracy, for decades it has been consumed by internal plotting between its numerous cabals and is considered in a slow decline.

For detailed information on Doissetep, see The Book of Chantries.

Description Edit

Doissetep is a massive castle up to a mile in diameter and thirty stories tall. Over its many centuries of existence new wings, levels, and additions have been made, giving it an ecletic appearance. Countless chambers and hallways comprise the upper portion of the chantry, while below a twisted nest of tunnels lead to various catacombs in the mountain. Secret passageways link many of the rooms, enabling knowledable residents to travel unnoticed.

Residents Edit

Doissetep is home to ten Awakened cabals and over four hundred Sleeper servants. Some of its most prominent residents include the archmage Porthos Fitz-Empress and the Janissaries, but most of its cabals are quite accomplished and have influence extending far beyond the chantry. A Panel of Deacons officially leads Doissetep, but in reality authority is divided between four cabals: the Drua'shi, the Glass Eye, the Janissaries, and the Followers of Tytalus. The intrigue generated by these groups consumes most of the focus of the chantry's residents, with even many servants acting as spies or secret police.

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