The Disciples of the Wheel are an organization among the Arisen that is dedicated to the study of the Sothic Turns and their influence on the Rite of Return.


To the Disciples, all aspect of a mummies existence are somehow tied to the movements of the stars. This has led to the development of new Utterances that allow them to see through time, to comprehend the nature of their Descents more efficiently. Dedication to the Sothic Wheel varies. Some Arisen merely dabble in the study, seeing it more as a mystically substantive hobby. Others believe there is true power in the study of the heavens, and try to tap into it to increase their own might or perhaps even seek Apotheosis. Others begin to try to emancipate themselves from the Judges, instead choosing the stars as their guiding force. For this reason, the Disciples of the Wheel have to act in secret, for those loyal to the Judges of Duat would surely hunt them down if they would learn of them. Disciples place great trust into their cults and hide away information in relics in order to preserve the knowledge their gleamed from the constant threat of memory loss.