The Digital Draculas are a group of Hacktivist Tremere that defected early in the 21th century, throwing their lot with the Anarch domains of California. They are leading experts in Hacktivist Thaumaturgy.


The group began as a coterie of Tremere neonates in Washington D.C, who researched Thaumaturgy and its relation with modern technology. With the discoveries of Masika St. John, the group achieved a breakthrough and fled from their Clan. The Tremere were embarrassed, but did not put any real effort into punishing the defectors, for unknown reasons.

The Digital Draculas reside in Northern California, spreading the use of Hacktivist Thaumaturgy to support the Anarch cause. Their effort are two-fold: For broad consumption, the Digital Draculas provided a series of shareware computer programs which incorporated powerful thaumaturgic rituals which had been magically inscribed into the very fabric of the Internet itself. By activating these programs, the user could access the Internet in special ways (the premier of this is Fangbook, a ritual that allows vampires to communicate in social networks without drawing unwanted attention and threaten the Masquerade, but other programs like FangChat or Bloodspot also exist). Via these programs, the Digital Draculas are able to coordinate Anarch activities around the globe and find prospective students of their special branch of Thaumaturgy. Videos with Dominate effects ensure the secrecy of any apprentice.

Among Anarchs, the Digital Draculas and their efforts are viewed with mixed reactions. On the one hand, no one can deny their contributions for the cause, on the other hand, the whole group is comprised of Tremere, one of the Clans tied most to the current establishment. Some Anarchs claim that the Digital Draculas are a front of the Tremere to locate Anarchs and to lull them into a false sense of security before striking against them. While most of this is regarded as conspiracy theory, half of those who are offered the chance to learn Hacktivist Thaumaturgy turn the offer down out of paranoia.