DigiChat was a Java-based chat interface package designed by Digi-Net Technologies. It first saw use in late 1999/early 2000 with the as an adjunct to the Necropolis HTML chats, the Unmoderated Chat. While it was popular for the time, it served as a springboard for what was then a fairly unique idea: a fully-moderated chat where characters would have to be approved (or sanctioned) by a moderator (Storyteller).

This new chat, New Bremen, hit an unprecedented level of popularity when it opened in mid-2000. Its small team of 10 STs was quickly overwhelmed. While the number of players wasn't tracked (there were no player accounts at the time, just character logins), the number of active character logins stabilized to somewhere between 5000 and 6000.

Concurrently with these chats, White Wolf began hosting a series of pre-scheduled Developer Chats with various game line developers.

White Wolf quickly followed this up with additional DigiChats:

The chats were shut down in early 2009.

While fans had started their own chats in the interim, it's only when the official chats closed that they fled to other sites en masse.

DigiChat Environments

Discussion: White Wolf Chat · Developer Chat
Unmoderated: Unmoderated Chat (cWOD and WOD) · Trinity Universe Chat (TU) · Unmoderated 3e Chat (S&S)
Moderated: New Bremen (cWOD) · Fangsfall Chat (Scarred Lands) · Jade City (Exalted) · Dark Ages Bremen (Dark Ages) · Rookhausen (Ravenloft) · World of Darkness Moderated Chat (WOD) · Exalted Chat (Exalted)

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