Different Skies is the first in a series of setting books intended to give players an infusion of setting information to flesh out their games and drive their storylines. The first part of the book features our core setting, the River Province. It depicts the River Province at the height of tension caused by the Realm's temporary decline, the incursion of the Lunars, the appearance of the Mask of Winters and the return of the Solars and the Exigents. The second part of the book covers the War in the West. Like the first part of the book, the West also features a major Deathlord, but the Skullstone Archipelago goes through a fresh reinvention that will grip the hearts of the readers. This part of the book is essential for gamers who are looking for frontier adventure in a lawless land; the Western islands have been transformed into a locus for every kind of adventure imaginable, and the whole region is beset on one side by the Fae and the Realm on the other.

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