Author: Holger Raab
Editor: Oliver Hoffmann
Layout and Formatting: Oliver Graute
Illustration: Caryad, Birgit Daubmann, Linda Heweker, Josh Timbrook, Tom Berg
Front of jacket: Oliver Graute
Publisher: Feder & Schwert
Publicatoin date: 1996
Pages: 177
ISBN: ISBN 3-931612-11-2

Die Stadt, Das Blut, Der Tod: Frankfurt bei Nacht also known as The City, The Blood, The Death: Frankfurt by Night is a supplement for Vampire: the Masquerade published by Feder & Schwert in 1996.


Translated from German:

A City Book for Vampire: The Masquerade
The City...
ruled by a Prince, around whom violent rumors are entwined. Managed by a divided council of the First-Born.
...the Blood...
...grows scarce in Frankfurt, when overpopulation threatens the unlives of all Caine's childen in Main's city. Every night becomes a question of existence. Duplicity and falsehood rules over all.
...the Death...
Omnipresent, threatening, final, inevitable. It lurks behind the facades of glittering bank headquarters. It awaits the Cainites in the townhouses and slums of Moloch's Frankfurt.
And it knows: its time is coming.

Frankfurt by Night includes:

  • A detailed description of the Rhein-Main region, its history and culture
  • Powerful Cainites, who pursue their dark plans here on the pulse of the German economy
  • Eve's Last Daughter, a complete play-ready Vampire story, which takes place in the dark heart of the city.

Table of ContentsEdit

Book OneEdit

Book One describes the setting of Frankfurt


A brief introduction to the book

Chapter I: HistoryEdit

Describes the history of the region from the Ice Age to the present.

Chatper II: GeographyEdit

Describes the various regions and landmarks in the Rhein-Main region.

Chapter III: Children of CaineEdit

Introduces the Cainites of Frankfurt.

Chapter IV: FactionsEdit

Covers the various factions of the region along with other groups that have influence in the city.

Book Two: Eve's Last DaughterEdit

A sample chronicle set in Frankfurt.

Chapter I: Welcome to the Old CoutnryEdit

Describes the theme and the first events in Frankfurt.

Chapter II: Encounter with the FirstEdit

The characters get to know Myriam and take part in the intrigues of the city.

Chapter III: On the HuntEdit

The players search for clues to the mysterious events.

Chapter IV: To ArmsEdit

A showdown with an Anathema.


Background Edit

Frankfurt bei Nacht is one of four German-language supplements for the Classic World of Darkness published by Feder & Schwert. It is currently not available in English or through PDF, though copies occasionally turn up on eBay.

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