A Diabolus (plural Diaboli) is a creature of Twilight that has became corrupted by the forces of Hell.


In most cases, Diaboli have been either ghosts or spirits who had immoral pursuits. Virtuous ghosts or spirits of a positive emotion are in most cases immune to corruption. No one knows for certain how an ephemeral creature becomes corrupted. Some blame small demonic entities like Whisperers, Werewolves point to the Wounds as possible sources, while mages believe that a Diabolus is born once a spirit centered around vice exercises the will to make a decision to the destination they desire, instead of blindly following their instincts. Like simpler demons, Diaboli can advance in Rank by promoting their brand of sin.

Diaboli usually possess the powers they had before. Their great advantage is their newly awakened intellect. Diaboli have empathy with others, and thus are able to discern how to turn them, something that their more single-minded pure cousins lack.


  • Deceptor: Deceptors are corrupted forms of the creatures within the Astral Realms. They visit disturbing urges and dreams upon their victims. Often, they mask their own identity to deceive people into comitting horrible actions.
  • Immundi: Immundi are spirits that represent the tie between moral and spiritual corruption. It is not enough for the Immundus to defile the worlds of spirit and flesh; it must do it by ruining the moral fabric and natural harmony of both places’ inhabitants.
  • Larval: Larvals are corrupted ghosts. They are still confined to their native invisible worlds, and cannot be seen without the use of special powers. Many of them do have Numina that give them the ability to appear in the material world, but simply being demons is not enough to give them a material presence.