The Devouring, sometimes also referred to as the Homecoming, is the process that creates a Beast.


Persons who will become Devoured have always, in a sense, been Begotten. Their connection to the Primordial Dream is strong enough to allow a Horror to contact them. In the final nightmare, the Horror hunts the future Begotten and devours them. In this moment of silence, both understand the connection to each other, clearing the soul away and making way for the Horror. Thrown into the monster’s jaws, the Beast triumphs over fear by becoming it. To many Beasts, this is a relief, a sort of homecoming and claiming a birthright that they always suspected they had, but could never be sure of.

In some cases, another Begotten finds a dreamer that is short of realizing what she is. In such a case, the Begotten can faciliate the Devouring with his own Horror, who will Devour the soul instead to make place for the Horror. Unlike a vampiric Embrace, if another Beast faciliates the Devouring, the resulting Begotten does not necessarily share its Hunger or Family.

If the future Begotten should, in any case, reject accepting the Horror inside her, she will die instead.