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Devil's Due

Devil's Due front cover, art by Jim Di Bartolo

Devil's Due
is a sourcebook for the entire Dark Ages line. It provides information about demons and those who worship them, including cults, infernalist spellcasters, and those unfortunate and foolish few who make pacts with the demonic host. Devil's Due offers epic antagonists for the storytellers' chronicles, and includes complete creation rules for characters with a tenuous grip on their souls.


While Devil’s Due requires Dark Ages: Vampire for setting and basic rules, this book otherwise includes complete information for playing games about demons and those who consort with Hell. That being said, the fallen make difficult and often repugnant protagonists, so Storytellers may find more use for this book in creating antagonists. Likewise, we encourage Storytellers to modify the content of this book for their own games, adjusting the power level, motivations and even origins of their demons to better suit their stories. After all, demons most assuredly lie, and where does the lying stop?

Prelude: Pray for RainEdit

A small tale, set in the scenario presented by the book.


Devil’s Due serves as the guide to demons and infernalists for the Dark Ages game line. This book expands upon and supersedes the brief information presented on pp. 292–293 of Dark Ages: Vampire, presenting a close look at the host of Hell and their history stretching back to the very beginning of the universe. While the book serves as an excellent resource for integrating infernal supporting characters and antagonists into ongoing Dark Ages chronicles, it also presents the possibility of playing these fallen angels or their wretched slaves as the protagonists of their own stories.

Chapter One: Power and PrincipalitiesEdit

Takes a look at demons, providing a brief overview of their history from Creation to the present, as well as the current agendas of the fallen and the ways that demons seek to subvert and reclaim the faith and dominion of the world.

Chapter Two: Slaves EnthronedEdit

Addresses the spiritually bound servants of the fallen and the prices they pay to taste infernal glory. Most thralls enter into pacts with a crude understanding of the vile monsters they entreat. These fools and villains undoubtedly deserve their fate; but other thralls just want something immediate to believe in, and fall under the spell of demons hiding behind the guises of angels.

Chapter Three: The Host of HellEdit

Provides the rules and dread Arcana necessary to create playable demons and thralls for use as supporting cast and antagonists, or the central figures of their own stories.

Chapter Four: Chronicles of SinEdit

Looks at the ways Storytellers can create sagas of redemption and damnation featuring infernal characters as protagonists. This chapter also provides suggestions for incorporating demons and their thralls into any of the major Dark Ages games, as well as notable demons, thralls and infernalists abroad in the Dark Medieval.


Offers a glimpse at two other supernatural factions spreading the taint of Hell in the Dark Medieval: the dreaded Baali bloodline and the depraved mages of the Circle of Red.

Characters Edit


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