Birth Name: Unknown
Chosen Name: Devian
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Nova Terrorist
Default Association: Teragen

Devian is a nova and member of the Teragen (possibly Nova Vigilance).


Devian accompanied Geryon, Swarm Queen and Leviathan to the UN, but they were forced to fight Team Tomorrow.

Devian is not described explicitly, but by the process of elimination in the New York Post description, he looks like "a walking mass of viscera in human shape."

Background Information Edit

Nothing else can be found about Devian within the Teragen book, which is odd. Given his description, it's possible that "Devian" was simply an early name for Guiseppe "Sloppy Joe" Bennatti. Where other instances of the name were changed, this one slipped by.

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