The Deva Corporation, also referred to as Deva International, is a technology company conglomeration originating in New Delhi. It is aware of the God-Machine and was founded by the family of Marco Singe.


Deva Corp. began as a small cult of Stigmatics dedicated to the God-Machine. Through contact with the writings of Marco Singe, the cult began to believe that they knew the truth of the nature of the God-Machine and sought to harness it. To this end, they study Infrastructures, Occult Matrices and Angels in the quest of deciphering the occult physics the God-Machine uses. Additionally, Deva is a technology and biotechnology corporation who seeks to produce goods that benefit from the knowledge gained.


Deva Corporation Deva’s workers are fanatically loyal in the way that only good pay, a fantastic benefits package, and a growing craving for something that only Deva gives them can provide.

Deva Corp. has multiple various divisions. Some of them cooperate with the God-Machine, for example those who study the Apocalypse Clock. Butterfly Cryptozoology, Ltd., is a subsidiary that studies "Packet Theta", the remains of the Fury of Death that was buried in the Crypt of the Butterfly on the moon and is regarded in the Testament of Marco Singe as the origin of mankind's mortality. Several research divisions focus on expanding The God-Machine Manual, an immense multivolume catalogue of everything they know about existing Infrastructure and occult matrices, as well as the observed outputs of God-Machine projects. Some arcane scientists of New Mason Architecture claim to have learned enough of the God-Machine’s occult physics to build their own crude Infrastructure, although that could just be hype. Luminous Labs seeks to study Angels, but since the Machine often reacts against those who attack its servants, they make progress by instead capturing Unchained. Their employees infiltrate Agencies, deliberately erode Covers, and set traps with bait their demonic prey finds difficult to resist.