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Name: Detroit
State: Michigan
Country: United States of America

Detroit is a city in Michigan in the Classic World of Darkness. It is a ravaged and abandoned landscape, with once-magnificent buildings falling apart under the weight of urban decay.

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

Detroit was primarily known for being a Sabbat stronghold, though it hosted enclaves of multiple different clans as well, such as the Giovanni and the Followers of Set.

However, in 2005, a reckless Kindred attempted to gain control of the local Columbian drug posse – and instead ended up captured and tortured by them into revealing the secrets of the Kindred world.

The leader of that cartel, Miguel “Santos” de Sanza, spread word through his allies and the local Columbian gangs, and they decided to take action. Santos led the fight against Kindred influence in Detroit, killing several members of the Giovanni Clan and destroying a Setite temple. Afterwards, Detroit’s underworld was forever changed.

The violence spread through Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, as information about these vampiric parasites was made available to various gangs and cartels. Santos de Sanza’s cartel, a group known as the Sapa Inca, rapidly grew in power and control throughout the United States. Today, Sapa Inca’s influence (and reputation) has spread through the darkest parts of the underworld and organized crime. They can be found in most major American cities, and parts of Mexico.

The Camarilla’s Justicars have declared Detroit a “danger zone,” and strongly encourage Kindred not settle in the area. The withdrawal of Kindred resources and influence has led to the further degradation and impoverishment of the city, but to those mortals “in the know,” this is preferable to slavery at Kindred hands.

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