The Demonic Form is the unveiled form of an Unchained that is usually hidden beneath their Cover. Despite this need, the act of revealing oneself is a moment of great satisfaction to every Unchained, even if it can attract the attention of their Creator.

The connection that the Unchained once had to the God-Machine is still tenuously held. It is a part of the Primum that is now her very essence and the Aether she pulls from the wastes of the God-Machine’s processes. So too is the demonic form a shadow of what the Unchained used to be as an angel. A demonic form is a warped impression of the pattern used to create the angel. It is not a perfect replica, and with time and a stronger connection to the world the Unchained is able to shape it into a better representation of who and what she has become.

As she grows in power, her ability to express her free will grows with her and she is no longer limited by her previous angelic visage. Where angels had forms that followed the need for a very specific function, the Unchained pick and choose their forms as they wish.

When threatened, a Demon can sacrifice her Cover in exchange for more power in her true form. When "going loud", all damage is healed, Aether is replenished, her Primum is set to 10 and she gains access to every Embed her Incarnation gives her affinity for along with all Exploits. In the aftermath, however, she is counted among the Burned. Also, Demonic Forms are susceptible to Conditions.


The benefits of the Demonic Form can be divided into three points. Most of these transformations have some technological vibe among them, as befitting for creatures created by a gigantic machine.

  • Modifications, which cover all direct physical transformations, like armored plates, fangs and claws, but also sensory enhancements like EMP-vision, Night Vision or Sonic Acuity and even other physical augmentations like faster Reflexes or a higher capacity to process information.
  • Technologies, that govern supernatural transformations and abilities, like acidic spit, the ability to discharge electricity or even inhuman beauty, but also more sensory abilities like the ability to see Auras or resistance to several kinds of elemental damage. Some more visceral Technologies are additional body parts, like a barbed tail or imposing horns.
  • Propulsions, that are anything that help the demon to move faster, from classical wings (although often metallic ones) to extremly long limbs to more esoteric forms of movement like phasing, short-range teleportation and even plasma drives.
  • Processes, that are any supernatural ability that is part of their demonic form, but not part of their Technologies. Examples would be the ability to summon swarms of insects, the ability to steal or alter memories, the power to project several images of oneself and the power to call fire from the sky.

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