Demons possess many subtle abilities and attributes of their supernatural physiology which grant them advantages over mortals.

Innate PowersEdit

Demon characters have a set of rather subtle innate powers that they can use without revealing their true nature to onlookers. These abilities are always present and do not require the use of Faith, although they will cease once the Fallen runs out of Faith. As soon as the demon recovers at least one point of Faith, the powers resume.

  • Illusion Immunity: Demons have a high chance of seeing through any sensual deception.
  • Mind-Control Immunity: Demonic minds cannot be controlled by other supernatural creatures or demons (with a few exceptions). Additionally, demons are immune to supernaturally induced fear and submission, such as from the Presence or Dominate Disciplines.
  • Disease Immunity: Demons will never fall ill. If this power fails temporarily, the demon is instantly cured when the power resumes.
  • Superhuman Strength: Demons can infuse their muscles with Faith to increase their strength.
  • Decay Immunity: Demons do age, but their host body remains healthy and doesn't become useless.
  • Toxin Resistance: Demons are highly resistant to toxins. Additionally, many types of injury that would leave permanent damage heals normally (e.g. burns).
  • Magic Awareness: When the demon is in their demonic form they can sense the supernatural 'feel' of a place or person, and can sense the use of supernatural abilities within a radius of several miles if they are either actively looking for it or the ability is particularly powerful.
  • Invocation: Demons may always speak to each other, regardless of distance, as long as they know each other's Celestial Name or True Name.
  • Accelerated Healing: Demons can use Faith to heal their host's injuries.

Earthbound Innate PowersEdit

Earthbound share the same set of innate powers as Fallen, with one important exception: Fallen without Faith are merely unable to use their supernatural abilities. Earthbound without Faith actually risk losing consciousness, and may fall into stasis for millennia.[1]


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