• Male (originally)
  • Inapplicable (currently)

c. 8000 BCE






Tzimisce Antediluvian





Demdemeh was one of the first childer of the Tzimisce Antediluvian, chosen because of his strong mind and will.


Legend says that the Eldest turned Demdemeh inside out, with his eyes staring inside his head. When the Eldest asked Demdemeh what he thought of the view, Demdemeh answered that it was nothing special, as all wise people could see inside themselves. Impressed, the Eldest granted the African the Embrace and the two parted ways.

Demdemeh ventured into the primordial jungle that would one day become the Sahara and gathered various tribes around him who regarded him as a wise shaman and that were collectively called the Ahagarr. Constructing various flesh-shaped beasts to combat the reptilian monsters that dwelled within the swamps, he carved out an realm for himself and his childer. There, he built the great city of Khamissa and ruled over the jungles with an iron-fist.

Over the time, the touch of the Eldest began to change him: his eyes, mouth and nose vanished, leaving only rows of gills in his head that constantly whispered and began to consume flesh alongside blood. When the jungles vanished as the desert grew, his tribe left him and his flesh-formed monsters fled into the south as Khamissa fell into ruins.

Demdemeh fell into torpor, carefully hidden by loyal ghouls and childer. It was only when his childe Sycorax and her get were in grave dangers by the wizards of the Yoruba, that he arose anew, but even he could not turn the tide in this conflict and fell finally into torpor in a hidden valley west of Lake Victoria.

It is thought by various Tzimisce researchers that Demdemeh has transferred himself into a viral form, partitioning himself into various strings and infecting other viruses like Ebola in order to spread his essence. It is said that much of the African wildlife is infected with him and a group of researchers of the University of Marburg brought the virus 1967 into Europe, although greater consequences have not yet been seen. It is said that various "elephant graveyards" are actually parts of Demdemeh that strive to reunite with the whole.