The Dedicated were those among the medieval Brujah that chose to pursue the goal of Entelechy, mirrored in the modern Path of Entelechy. Some of them might have been True Brujah.


The Dedicated placed a great value on the hellenic heritage of the Clan, forcing every member to speak Ancient Greece fluently. Often, they chose their childer only after a long period of brutal and demanding training that could easily cost the life of the applicant. Dedicated had to be at the peak of their physical progress at the time of their Embrace and had to master a sequence of sciences and arts, as well as memorized the texts of various ancient philosophers. After the Embrace, the Brujah had to develop his Disciplines to their full capacity. Most Dedicated secluded themselves from humanity and their flawed natures, seeing them only as prey to hunt.

The Dedicated were defined by the three bases of Entelechy: Andreia, manliness; enkratia, inner strength; and sophrosyne, inner control. Human restraints like mercy or sympathy (or consideration) were beyond them. When a Dedicated would meet a group of his clanmates, he would assume leadership over them, pointing to the obvious inferiority of his opposites and not shying away from killing vampires who would disobey their orders. This, as well as the great lengths a dedicated would go to achieve his goal, made the them unpopular and some even whispered that their progress was the result of demonic bargains.