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Death Lord Games is an RPG company based on publishing OIL-based products.

"Third time's a charm, first time's a feel."

Started by Peter Clarkston and his friend William Spinner, the two had no idea how to run a game company or how to get a game printed. Clarkston sold out his friend and signed a deal with Black Dog Game Factory (presumably under the Axes and Arcana imprint).

Clarkston did manage to regain Spinner's loyalty by making his character, Minos — a 314th zone demonic warlord who rules the dead souls of Perdition — the company logo. Each book contains a reference to the horned, frog-eyed, serpent-tailed fiend.[1]

Background Information Edit

Death Lord games is a parody of Necromancer Games, with Minos as a stand-in for demon-lord Orcus.

References Edit

  1. MTAs: The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas, p. 90

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