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Followers of Set




Followers of Set

Dawn Cavanaugh was the Setite agent within the Anarch Free State.


Originally from Sudan, Dawn was born as the daughter of a British officer. When her family was killed by the Mahdi in 1885, she was given to the household of one of the sheiks in the service of Mohammad Ahmed. At the age of 16, her good looks- particular her long red hair- caugt the attention of a wandering Follower of Set, who kidnapped her and inducted her into the teachings of Set. She proved to be an extremly successful student, spreading corruption within the Middle East, particular in European holdings, and cherished within it. During the Great War, she emigrated into the United States, founding her own Temple of Set in Los Angeles. The temple proved to be quite prosperous until the second Anarch Revolt, where a pack of Lupines chose to attack the temple. dawn survived and fled to San Francisco, until 1965, where she returned to benefit from the chaos a Sabbat siege had left. Her next temple was stationed in Hollywood and soon attracted followers, under them a startling young Kindred named Nicholas. Nicholas intended to gain control over the temple and told the location of Dawns haven to a coterie of Anarchs, hoping that they would destroy Dawn. Unfortunately for him, the Anarchs contacted Jeremy MacNeil, who launched a full assault against the temple, killing Nicholas and forcing dawn to flee to Chicago. During the War of Chicago, she was forced to leave it behind, returning to Los Angeles, bristling with revenge.

The Great Leap Outward of the Cathayans pervaded her desires, but she is now more forced than ever to remain hidden. She has not been able to construct a new temple for Set by now, but she has plans to form one.