Davidson-Wheeler is a company manufactures wheeled motorcycles exclusively in its Midwestern plant. Although the company manufactures wheeled motorcycles its thinking of moving into the flying motorcycle market nitch as of currently in the 2120s.  


Davidson-Wheeler was founded in 1903 as Harley-Davidson. It survived the Great Depression of the 1930s.  It grew to be a large company towards the end of the 20th century, However the size of the company got smaller later. During "the Great Crash of the Internet" also known as the OpNet in 2061 this hurt sales of the company as now the company could no longer sell its motorcycles over the Internet whether Wholesale or even Retail.  Do to this disaster the size of Davidson shrunk dramatically, Davidson-Wheeler is now a small but enduring company in the early 22nd century.

Davidson-Wheeler MotercycleEdit

A triumph of Vintage mechanics in the modern age, This motercycle is a traditional motercycle design constructed with the latest oribital alloys. It seats two and has a engine converter system that emits the bike's trademark deep-throated rumble.

Vehicle statisticsEdit

Vehicle type: Wheeled

Tech type: Hardtech

Cruising Speed: 180 Km per hour

Top speed: 310 Km per hour

Handling: +1

Mass: 0.5

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