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Dauud was a Setite Sorcerer working for the clan Tremere during the Dark Ages.


During his mortal life, Dauud lived in coptic community, had very low aspirations and strived to be a bureaucrat like his father before him. His instinctive obedience made him the candidate for ghouldom by a wandering Setite, Umar. Dauud followed his domitor for years, his free will eroding further and further under the taste of vitae.

Finally, Umar granted Dauud the Embrace and made him his childer and apprentice in Akhu. Unfortunately, his sire was slain in batte with a Salubri, leading Dauud to despise the Clan and all its followers. Without direction or any ideas for himself, Dauud wandered out into the desert, the customs of his Clan meaning nothing to him.

He joined various coteries in his wanderings, hoping to find someone to cling to, but was disappointed again and again, until he met Etrius of Clan Tremere. Etrius was sent out to gain informations on the Antediluvians and their resting places, and Dauud gave him the informations that ultimately led to Saulot's demise. Afterwards, Etrius asked him, if he would join the Tremere cause and Dauud gladly accepted.

He followed his new master back to Ceoris and began contributing with his knowledge of Setite sorcery to the growing thaumathurgical researches done there. It is unknown what happened to him after the chantry fell during the Gargoyle Revolt, but it seems likely that he died there.

Character SheetEdit

Dauud the Copt
Sire: Umar
Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Innovator
Generation: 8th
Embrace: 902
Apparent Age: Mid 40′s


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