Darshanas (a sanskrit term that can roughly be translated as "auspicious sight") were cultural archetypes on how magic was to be used in the times before the Pentacle.


Darshanas were universal cultural divisions among the mages of the ancient world, regardless of their personal views as reflected in their Cult. An Asian sorcerer would recognize a Greek following the same darshana, as long as they took the time to speak and translate certain metaphysical concepts. The Darshanas came first together in India, but spread rapidly into the West once contact was established through Alexander the Great. While schools of thought that taught nearly the same things flourished everywhere in Greece and Persia, these schools were disorganized from warfare and internal strife among the Sleepers.

From the Darshanas, the future Orders would derive. After examinations of the similarities between the various schools of thought, it was stated that they likely derived from a Time Before’s castes and customs, from which they were associated with Atlantis.

Known DarshanasEdit

Mages who refused to take part in the Darshanas were regarded as Ajivaki.


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