Art Direction: Maria Cabardo and Sandra Everingham
Design and Typesetting: Chris Ferguson and James Martin
Cover Art: Dave McKean
Illustrations: John Bolton, Max Shade Fellwalker, Doug Gregory, Susan Harris, and Lawrence Snelly
Editing: Brian Campbell
Contributions: Matthew Burke, Brian Campbell, Shawn Carnes, Andrew Greenberg, Jeff Harris, Beth Morsund, Paul Peterson, and Teeuwynn Woodruff
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Published: 1995
Pages: 200
Year: 1995
Publication #: WOC 11004
Reference #: ISBN 1-880992-72-8
Price: $14.95

Darkness Unveiled is the second player's strategy guide for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, the card game based on Vampire: The Masquerade. Unlike the other strategy guides for V:TES (or its earlier incarnation, Jyhad), Darkness Unveiled was designed and published by Wizards of the Coast in conjunction with White Wolf staffers, in part by using material previously published in The Eternal Struggle: A Players Guide to the Jyhad. Darkness Unveiled is a hardcover book with cloth "bindings" holding the book closed; these "bindings" double as bookmarks once undone.


Darkness Unveiled is the definitive guide to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (formerly Jyhad), Wizards of the Coast's Deckmaster trading card game of Gothic intrigue.
Whether you're a player wanting to learn new strategies and in-depth deck construction techniques or a collector wanting to compare the latest Jyhad and V:TES lists against your collection, Darkness Unveiled is a must for all neonates and Methuselahs of the Jyhad.
Untie the bindings of the tome.
Unravel the secrets of the Kindred.
Darkness Unveiled includes variant rules for V:TES that allow games to unfold at a furious pace, new concepts in bringing the art of storytelling into V:TES, a selection of Methuselah archetypes you can portray (complete with their own merits and flaws that directly affect game play), tips on playing some of the more powerful vampires in the game, and much more.

In the BeginningEdit

Saphra's IntroductionEdit

Chapter One: The RulesEdit

Section One: Elements of the GameEdit

Section Two: The Basic GameEdit

Section Three: The Advanced GameEdit

Chapter Two: Deck ConstructionEdit

Chapter Three: The Seven ClansEdit

Clan BrujahEdit

Clan GangrelEdit

Clan MalkavianEdit

Clan NosferatuEdit

Clan ToreadorEdit

Clan TremereEdit

Clan VentrueEdit

Multi-Clan DecksEdit

Chapter Four: Playing the MethuselahEdit

Chapter Five: Strategy and TacticsEdit

Chapter Six: A War of AgesEdit

Saphra's ConclusionEdit


The Vampire Card ListEdit

World of Darkness GlossaryEdit

Rules GlossaryEdit

Background InformationEdit

A large portion of the content of this book was reused from The Eternal Struggle: A Players Guide to the Jyhad, the softcover strategy guide for the Jyhad edition of the game that was published the previous year by White Wolf. The format also inspired the Magic: The Gathering Pocket Players Guide, which was published by Wizards of the Coast the following year.

The front cover of the book uses the full title "Darkness Unveiled: V:TES Playing Guide", but the spine of the book uses the title "Darkness Unveiled: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Ultimate Pocket Players Guide" (or "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle: Darkness Unveiled: Ultimate Pocket Players Guide", depending on how one reads the logo). The back cover and interior of the book simply use the title "Darkness Unveiled". The Eternal Struggle: A Players Guide to the Jyhad contains an advertisement referring to the "Jyhad Pocket Players Guide"; that book may have become Darkness Unveiled when Jyhad became V:TES.

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