Dark Kingdoms are pockets of stable reality within the Tempest of the Underworld. Each of these kingdoms claim dominion over the Wraiths of a particular geographical region.


The underworld of the Classic World of Darkness was never fully defined, but if the Tempest could be perceived as a "sea" in the Underworld, the Dark Kingdoms would be islands in that sea. Each Dark Kingdom is "the afterlife" for the dead of a particular culture. Those wraiths who die within the confines of a particular region are sent to the appropriate Dark Kingdom.

Major KingdomsEdit

Minor KingdomsEdit

There are other realms which (while they are still Dark Kingdoms), do not have a "Dark Kingdom" title.

Other PlacesEdit

There are some unusual and mysterious places that fit the category of a Dark Kingdom, such as:

  • The Dark Kingdom of Wire, including Auschwitz and other sites, are one of the largest populations of restless dead, thanks to the crimes of Nazi Germany. Not a true Dark Kingdom; just a collection of Necropoli.


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