Writer: Rose Bailey, Anna Loy, Renee Ritchie, and Audrey Whitman
Developer: Rose Bailey and Audrey Whitman
Project Coordinator: Matthew McFarland
Editor: Ellen P. Kiley
Artist: Gunship Revolution Studios
Art Direction and Design: Mike Chaney
Creative Director: Richard Thomas
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: June 28, 2017
Pages: 48
Year: 1593
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: $4.99 PDF

$11.99 Print on Demand

Dark Eras: Requiem for Regina is a setting for Vampire: The Requiem and Changeling: The Lost in Renaissance England.

Summary Edit

We have shared the world with monsters for millennia. In the time of Alexander the God-King, mages fought their secret wars. In Elizabeth’s London, vampires built their own empire brick by bloody brick. Before the founding of America, hunters fought enemies within and without. And in the Cold War, as the clock ticked towards Armageddon, we could have been damned by fallen angels.
This is a single chapter from the larger work, Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras. Now available on its own in PDF and Softcover formats.


This setting was originally published in Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras.

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