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Dark Destiny is an anthology of horror fiction that was edited by Edward E. Kramer and published by White Wolf in 1994, with cover art by John Cobb.

Dark Destiny is noteworthy in that it was White Wolf's first book to reach out from their traditional market of roleplaying fans to the wider mainstream horror fiction audience. Thus, it includes stories and even poems from well-established writers in the genre such as Harlan Ellison and Robert Bloch. Bloch's included story, "The Scent of Vinegar", was his final published work, as he died shortly before the book went to press; the story went on to win the 1995 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novelette. White Wolf used the momentum provided by Dark Destiny's generally positive reception to publish further mainstream horror and fantasy fiction, establishing the Borealis imprint to publish new and reprinted works from influential writers in the genre, including a series of reprinted books by Harlan Ellison.

Several of the included stories are explicitly set in the World of Darkness, and some directly tie in with other contemporary Vampire: The Masquerade fiction; additionally, the book's cover text references the Gothic-Punk milieu of the World of Darkness setting. However, the book is not directly branded with the World of Darkness name, and while most stories are agnostic regarding their setting, a few contradict the established World of Darkness canon. (Nancy Holder's story "Leaders of the Pack" takes place in the distant future - the future of a setting that is, in the end, confirmed to be the World of Darkness.)

Dark Destiny was followed by two additional volumes, Dark Destiny: Progenitors of Fate (1995) and Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula (1996), both of which were also edited by Edward Kramer.


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