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Dark Colony
Written by: John Cooper and Beth Fischi
Developed by: Andrew Greenberg
Edited by: Robert Hatch
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout and Typesetting: Sam Chupp
Art: Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Steve Casper, E. Allen Smith, Robert MacNeill
Front Cover Art: D. Alexander Gregory
Front and Back Cover Design: Michelle Prahler
Special Thanks To: Sam "Ghost Maker" Chupp, for taking over that Wraith of a game.
Josh "Anticlimax" Timbrook, for taking the Titans all the way.
Chris "Pizza Man" McDonough, for keeping the GenCon hordes happy.
Richard "Suicide Queen" Thomas, for getting the crazed calls.
Benjamin "Darla" Monk, Jr., for being the cutest little rascal.
Michelle "Wow" Prahler, for meeting the Chaosium.
Stephan "Our Condolences" Wieck, for tying the big knot.
Kathleen "Doing the Perimeter" Ryan, for getting such wonderful directions.
Jim "Double Exposure" Townsend, for giving us a big view of the Blood Pit.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1993
Pages: 137
Year: 1993
Publication #: WW 02212
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-056-2
Price: $15.00


From the White Wolf catalog:

Few Can Feast on Freedom.
Once New England led the fight for freedom. Once it thought it could set its own destiny and determine its own future. Once its leaders were its own, children of its rocky soil. Even the land's vampires once believed this. But no more.
When the Damned Feast on Death
Schemes plotted thousands of miles away, born of the conflicts millennia old, have forever changed the land. Native Kindred are beset by enemies on all sides, and only the strongest carry on the fight of freedom. Only the bravest can hope to survive. The weak and the cowards die one by one in their dens.
Dark Colony includes
  • information about the entire New England region, including the most important and powerful vampires and their schemes;
  • an inside look at some of the international plots affecting Kindred around the world; and
  • a complete story sending the characters on a mad quest to discover a vampire's terrifying past.

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