Name: Daoine
Nicknames: The Good Folk
Path: Acanthus
Order: any
Arcana: Fate

The Daoine are a Legacy that deals with arcadian justice and its enforcement in the Fallen World.


Justice is the Daoine's calling; through their mastery of the Fate Arcanum, they offer vengeance to the wronged and justice to those the world seems to pass by. The Daoine are the deus ex machina at the end of the faerie tale, the twist of fate that ensures that the wicked stepsisters' eyes are plucked out by white doves and the woodsman's axe is freshly sharpened when he goes to check on the ruckus at grandma's house. The Daoine emulate the high courts of the Fae: The sidhe lords of the British Isles are their exemplars, and the Daoine comport themselves with the solemn, ethereal grace of Arcadia's lords. Most Daoine adhere to a strong code of etiquette, instilled in them by their tutors, and put great stock in proper behavior. A crass or boorish individual finds it much harder to secure a Daoine's aid than someone who is gracious, polite, and respectful.

Anyone who thinks the Daoine are nothing but Miss Manners with Supernal knowledge would make a grave mistake. The Good Folk bring justice. Not the common justice of putting a murderer behind bars or returning a stolen car, but the justice of the Fae, little remembered now outside of faerie tales and folklore. Few mages command such a mastery of hexes and curses as the Daoine, and few are as willing -- some might say eager -- to employ them. Many Daoine take particular glee in drawing upon the old faerie tales for inspiration in their methods: Abusive parents who lock their child in the basement find themselves trapped in a crashed car whose doors won't open and whose windows won't break, sinking into the water, or a murderer slips and falls in the same incinerator he used to dispose of the evidence. The Good Folk see their duty as the balancing hand of fate, ensuring that good and evil receive their just deserts. To this end, Daoine also use their mastery of Fate in beneficial ways. Some rewards are quickly arranged: A Daoine sees a man give a lady his seat on the bus; later that evening, the gentleman finds $50 in the gutter. Other times, the Daoine put as much careful thought and effort into rewarding the just as punishing the wicked. In keeping with the Daoine's belief in a karmic balance, many Daoine would like to bestow as many rewards as punishments.

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