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Danu, is a totem of wisdom according to the Garou.


Danu is a powerful totem of the ancient Celts. Often thought to be a faerie spirit, Danu is actually the spirit of an ancient wise woman. Danu is a very hard totem to reach and thus does not often reveal herself to the Garou. In fact, not many Garou know of her.

Eshtarra, under the guise of Danu grants her Children Second Sight, giving them the Gift of pulse of the Invisible. Her packs gain the ability to entrance listeners through singing or howling. In addition, the pack gains access to Past Lives; this is not an actual affinity with Garou ancestors, but an ability to learn ancient knowledge and lore by accessing primal memories. All Fianna and faeries will recognize and honor Children of Danu.

Danu asks that her Children hold a moot in her honor on the solstices and the equinoxes.


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