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Special Agent Dan Morton has spent the best part of his career collecting, recording, assessing, and cross-indexing data on terrorists groups and their interrelations.  He began to spot links between various terrorist organizations - Japanese, German, remnants of the Red Army, the Abu Nidal and the Shining Path.

He worked painstakingly thought names, events, and aliases and found a group in the United States that had to be a key players with all the other groups.  He was able to get evidence and warrants and set in motion and nation wide operations, the largest the country had ever seen.

Little did he know that his research has given him the location of a massive Sabbat cell with the names of its most prominent members.

Character SheetEdit

Demeanour: Plotter

Physical: Strength: 3, Dexterity: 3, Stamina: 2

Social: Charisma: 2, Manipulation: 2, Appearance: 2

Mental: Perception: 4, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 3

Talents: Alertness: 3, Athletics: 1, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 1

Skills: Drive: 1, Firearms: 3, Melee: 1, Security: 3, Stealth: 1

Knowledge: Bureaucracy: 3, Computer: 2, Finance: 1, Investigation: 4 (Search), Law: 2, Politics: 1

Backgrounds: Allies: 3, Contacts: 1, Resources: 2

Virtues: Conscience: 2, Self Control: 3, Courage: 2

Humanity: 5

Willpower: 5

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