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Name: Danava
Plural: Danava
Nicknames: Children of Danu
Founder: Veddhartha
Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Sadhana
Parent clan: Ventrue

The Danava are a bloodline of the Ventrue Clan that is centered around the Indian subcontinent. Regal sages, ascetics and priests, the Danava are among the most respected vampires within the Caste system of the indian Damned.


In India, where the Camarilla no longer holds any sway, there is a bloodline of Brahmin philosophers and thaumaturges who call themselves the Danava. The Danava believe themselves to be the guardians of their Antediluvian (pitri, "father"), whom they call Veddhartha. These Danava claim that the Ventrue are in fact an errant "antitribu" bloodline of the Danava. The Salubri say that Saulot achieved a transcendent spiritual state in the Indian city of Golconda, which falls within territory controlled by the Danava - some even believe that the very notion of Golconda originated from the Danava[1].

Dark Ages Edit






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