Damage, as part of the health system of White Wolf's games, is a source of potential or actual bodily harm. Weapons and other sources of injury, including poisons, diseases and natural hazards, are rated with a certain number of levels or dice of damage. Depending on the effectiveness of an attack or danger of a source, some or all of these damage levels may cause wounds to an affected character.

Since the introduction of the Revised Storyteller System, damage has been differentiated into types:

  • Bashing damage is the least severe, and represents minor injuries from which humans can naturally recover and rarely causes death. Examples: being hit by a car door, getting into a fist fight, minor electrocution.
  • Lethal damage is serious trauma which may cause death, and generally requires medical attention. Lethal damage is probably the most common, certainly in combat. Examples: being shot or stabbed, burned by a fire, major electrocution.
  • Aggravated damage (present in most but not all White Wolf games) represents supernaturally caused injuries. Examples: a bite from a supernatural creature which doesn't heal for weeks, magic spells, enchanted weapons.

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