The Dalou'laoshi, also known as the Five Elemental Dragons, is a group of technomancers operating in Asia. Initially its own organization, it was (sort of) subsumed into the Order of Reason (and later, the Technocratic Union). Although it exists as part of the larger organization, the Technocracy is unaware that it still exists as a distinct entity. The Dalou'laoshi refer to the Technocracy as the Five Metal Dragons.

The Dalou'laoshi have five Conventions which are similar enough to the Conventions of the Technocracy that they can successfully "hide" within them.

Conventions Edit

  • Miao Guan, or Spirit Dragons, who are dedicated to direct mental control of the self and of others to maintain peace and order. Hide within the New World Order.
  • Saensaeng, or Earth Dragons, who are dedicated to maintaining art, honor, and cultural purity in the face of globalization. Hide within Iteration X.
  • Taiping Tianguo, or Water Dragons, who are dedicated to the pursuit of individual freedom and entertainments. Hide within the Syndicate.
  • Zaibatsu, or Fire Dragons, who are dedicated to the absolute elimination of all supernatural entities. Hide within the Void Engineers.
  • Zi Guang, or Wood Dragons, who are dedicated to seeking the perfection of the human form. Hide within the Progenitors.

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