Tzimisce antitribu





Daliah is one of the rare Tzimisce antitribu in the ranks of the Californian Anarchs.


Daliah was a blood doll in downtown Miami when Gravriel gave her the embrace. Graviel was a Sabbat and she soon discovered that his games were no games but real blood feasts and true orgies of death (which was all too draconian for her).

Then she met Garret of the Brujah and fell in love with him at first lick. He introduced her to the world of the Camarilla, which she found a thankful break from her sire's dark and brooding ways. But Gavriel did not cared at all to her new friend and Garret was made into a victim of the Sabbat move on Miami.

The Camarilla clans had been largely forced out of their proper territories, but she discovered friends of Garret's who were not ready to give up what was theirs. They were Anarchs, and they knew how to fight the Sabbat with their own heartless tricks.

Her sire forced her into a blood bond and she defended him as best she could against the anarchs. Luckily she was restrained by her friends among the anarchs until the others gave Gavriel the Final Death, finally freeing her of his yoke. His destruction however, costed the unlives of three anarchs of the raiding party.

Daliah despises the Sabbat, which she blames for the death of her one true love. She never loved anyone ever again and treat other people (except her close anarch friends) like objects now, devoid of any emotional meaning.

Character Sheet Edit

Sire: Gavriel
Clan: Tzimisce Antitribu
Embrace: 1982
Apparent Age: 26


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