Name: Daksha
Nicknames: The Advent
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Life

The Daksha are a Legacy that believes that humanity has to evolve in order to reclaim Atlantis. To this end, they practice what they call Daksha-Yoga, in order to evolve to beings that are truly worthy of the Supernal Truths.


The Daksha believe that for the Quiescence (which they call Kali Yuga, the Age of Strife) to end, mages must repair the Cosmic Cycle. Atlantis will rise again -- literally -- when the human race achieves its next stage of evolution in the Advent's esoteric account of human history. The Daksha believe human evolution follows a cycle of seven stages. During the third stage of the current cycle, however, humanity's precursors, the Lemurians, fell from a state of grace. To continue the cycle properly and resume the evolutionary journey to Cosmic Oneness, humanity must reverse the wrong turnings of past ages.

The Dhyanis -- a cabal of eight archmages who achieved the fourth attainment of Daksha-Yoga -- guide the Daksha from a hidden sanctum somewhere in India. These archmages taught Daksha-Yoga to the modern world. Each Dhyan, in turn, communes with an Ancient Master, a Supernal being of undefined power who imparts the wisdom of the past for the development of the future. The Dhyanis say the Masters are magically aware former inhabitants of Atlantis. Most of the Daksha believe the Masters are Oracles. The Daksha observe a strict hierarchy. A student always defers to her tutor. The tutor, in turn, defers to a cabal of Daksha responsible for the Legacy's activities in his section of the world. The regional Cabals take their orders from the central Daksha cabal in Chennai (formerly called Madras), which oversees the Legacy's activities in India directly. The Chennai cabal answers to the Dhyanis, who transmit their instructions from their undisclosed sanctum. Seats in the ruling cabals are for life. The Dhyanis select the members of the Chennai cabal, who in turn appoint the regional cabals. Notwithstanding this organization, the Daksha find themselves deeply divided. Factions within the Advent often work against each other. Apart from regional competition, their main dispute comes from humanity's fate when the Kali Yuga ends and Atlantis rises. Some Daksha would just ignore the un-evolved humans when the New World begins, and leave them behind on the old lands. Other Daksha seek a means to evolve everyone to the Daksha's level. Most Advent expect a more Darwinian outcome, in which the un-evolved gradually die out. A few Advent don't want to wait. When Kali Yuga ends, these few intend to wipe the un-evolved from the face of the planet.

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