Dagan, the Visage of Awakening is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Asharu.

The winged Dagan epitomise health and vitality, and their mortal vessels appear rejuvenated and infused with supernatural vigor when they assume their true forms. So great is their vitality that is spills over into their vicinity, and their mere presence heals and energises. Dagan in this form reflect the life they are full of with perfect health and an amazing vitality. When they become consumed with Torment, however, their vitality becomes rot, and their flesh becomes riddled with disease and parasites. The reek of decay seeps from their mouths, they grow additional limbs, and dead flesh sloughs off in clumps. They may even go so far as to become completely skeletal.

The Dagan were present from the beginning of everything. Every life on Earth came from their own breath, no matter how meek or mighty. The Dagan also enjoyed a surprisingly fruitful relationship with the Namtar, helping them recycle death and life. The Rebellion brought the hope that they could help humanity embrace the life they created, but instead it forced many of them to despair when humans were inflicted with disease and age. In addition, the special partnership with the Namtar was obliterated when God forced the Angels of Death to take the souls away instead of just worrying over the physical form left behind. In the end, the Fallen who brought life were left with nothing but death.

Background informationEdit

Dagan is the name given to the Semitic god of agriculture and the main god worshipped by the Philistines.


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