Cultists are servants of the Unchained that know of the demons true identity and worship it. While a demon may have pacts with its cultists, doing so is not mandatory


The loyalty of cultists is measured in dots. At two dots, the cult believes that a specific Cover of the Demon is its agent, being unaware of its true nature. They will not undertake tasks that would cause a relatively normal person to experience a breaking point and will possibly betray the Unchained to its enemies.

At three dots, the cultists know of the identity of the demon behind the cover, but believe it a servant to a greater power. The cult is willing to undertake tasks that are illegal or potentially a risk of a breaking point, but are not willing to harm, kidnap or kill other people.

At four dots, the cult sees the demon as a powerful representative of Hell. They are not willing to commit suicide on his behalf, but murder, assault or kidnapping are fine.

Finally, at five dots, some of the cultists are stigmatic or possess Supernatural Merits. The demon can call upon these cultists to use their gifts on her behalf. The cultists are well aware of what the demon is and that the God-Machine is an enemy and most will be honored if the demon would claim their souls.