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Name: Cult of the Doomsday Clock
Nicknames: Tick-Tock Men
Path: Moros
Order: any (left-handed)
Arcana: Time/ Death

Both a left-handed legacy, and an apocalyptic conspiracy, the Cult of the Doomsday Clock is devoted to the destruction of time itself, and uses both Time and Death Arcana to meet those ends. Also known as "Tick-tock men," the cultists of the Doomsday Clock have formulated a rigid hierarchy that categorizes its members by their attainments within the legacy. Their headquarters, the Clocktower, lies within the Abyss and is only accessible to high-ranking members of the Cult.

Rumors persist that the original Cult was created through a powerful Paradox invoked during a battle between the Seers of the Throne and the Mysterium which involved heavy uses of the Time Arcanum.


The term "tick-tock men" may be in reference to a cult of Nyarlathotep, an Outer God from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

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