The Cult of Taweret is a cult within the ranks of the Followers of Set that claims Set's childe Taweret as patron. Its Founding Temple is the Palaces of Veils in the El Kharga Oasis in southeastern Egypt. Most Taweretans follow the Path of Ecstasy instead of the Path of Typhon.

The Taweretans emphasize liberation through ecstasy and debauchery. Some Setites consider the Taweretans a little too self-indulgent, but these Serpents hold their own view about the best way to oppose the Aeons. They corrupt people one at a time, but show great skill at picking victims whose ruination can cripple a company, pull down a government or otherwise cause public shock and cynicism at the scandal. The Taweretans never operate in groups larger than three: they argue that the Aeons taint any bond not based on personal emotions.

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