Name: Cryptologos
Nicknames: Wordsmiths
Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Arcana: Mind

The Cryptologoi are a Legacy that deals with the power of language and sees High Speech as the original speech of humanity. For their critical stance to the atlantean dogma, they suffered a long time as outcast until the Free Council gained its seat among the Pentacle.


While there have always been mystics interested in the intricacies of language, and the Cryptologos draw upon their traditions, the Legacy itself is fairly recent in origin. The Legacy's roots are dug into the science of language, the modern development of linguistics and, later, concepts such as ur-languages, root language, and neuro-linguistic programming. Mages, just as mundane scientists, asked the questions: Where did language come from? How did it develop? How do we turn abstract and arbitrary sounds into meaning? Of course, the willworkers had something of an advantage in that they could study High Speech, what they believed was the true root of all human language. The Wordsmiths were not so sanguine about the myths of Atlantis and the Fall of the Celestial Ladder. They believed High Speech was a kind of ur-language but not necessarily that it was proof of an ancient island nation of mage-kings who challenged the gods. Instead, most of the younger mystics who became the founders of the Legacy saw the Atlantis myth as just that, a metaphor, an interpretation of a time when language first developed and wielded power over not just our perception and definition of reality, but reality itself. The "fall" for the Cryptologos is not a failed rebellion against celestial forces, but a splintering of the true root language, High Speech, into diverse dialects and tongues, none with the true power of the First Language to encompass and define reality. High Speech became polluted and drifted, and so humanity fell asleep, because they could not longer truly communicate with the world around them or each other.

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