Cristos Mantigo is a Toreador antitribu of the 10th generation.

Cristos was a photographer, who could not get over the battlefield horrors he had witnessed during World War I.  No longer happy with his life in Spain, Cristos moved to the United States with his wife and infant son.

But America was not the land of opportunity Cristos had hoped.  His wife and son died of pneumonia shortly after their arrival and Cristos found himself working 14 hours a day in a sweatshop, earning next to nothing. The Sabbat's visit was a godsend.

Surviving his first War Party against a Ventrue elder, Cristos proved to be a good recruit, escaping with most of the elder’s valuables in hand.  Ever since then Cristos has been collecting wealth, as well as publishing several successful photography books under different surnames.

The Last Light is a nightclub Cristos opened.  He uses it as his haven, an income generator and a place where he can select his next meal.

Cristos likes to carry two Glock 17 pistols and a camera.  But under his gruff exterior is the soul of a man who loves people and likes to surround himself with mortals. They still have more life in them than any vampire he’s ever met.

Cristos still has guilt over his family’s death and has secretly taken up charity work, helping new immigrants.

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