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creed: A statement of belief—usually religious belief—or faith. The word derives from the Latin credo for I believe.

In Hunter: The Reckoning, the creeds are the major factions that comprise the society of imbued. Creeds are built around the larger virtues of Mercy, Vision and Zeal, which themselves are constructs representing the passive principle, the active principle, and a melding of the two. They were created each with an express purpose in the time leading up to Armageddon, as well as a role to play in the world which will follow.

Creeds, while definite separate groupings, are nearly "transparent" within the World of Darkness. Individual hunters aren't really consciously aware of them except as variations in the manners and methods one uses to hunt. As time goes on, however, "like attracts like" and certain creeds tend to identify with each other, forming their own communities (for example, the JudgmentDay and Firelight sublists of

The recognized creeds, sorted by their respective virtues, are:

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