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Name: Craftmason
Plural: Craftmasons
Pronunciation: kraft'-may-suhnz
Faction: Order of Reason

Paradigm Edit

History Edit

Early History Edit

Dark Ages Edit


Craftmasons Fellowship, c. 1230.

Renaissance Edit

In 1670, the Craftmasons are betrayed by their own creation, and are exterminated by an alliance of the Cabal of Pure Thought, the High Guild and the Ksirafai.

Organization Edit

Guilds Edit

Version Differences Edit

Dark Ages: Mage Fellowships

Ahl-i-Batin · Craftmasons · Order of Hermes · Messianic Voices · Old Faith · Spirit-Talkers · Valdaermen

Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade Conventions

Artificers · Cabal of Pure Thought · Celestial Masters · Craftmasons · High Guild · Hippocratic Circle · Ksirafai · Void Seekers

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