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Craft is a term used by mages to describe any group of willworkers who do not belong to one of the four great factions: Traditions, the Technocracy, Nephandi or Marauders.


Crafts are usually smaller than Traditions or Conventions in numbers, but there are great many Crafts in existence. At least twenty Crafts are described in White Wolf canon, and there are probably even more.

In Revised edition of Mage: the Ascension, many Crafts were subsumed into Traditions, and some were destroyed, but a few stood independent.

Known CraftsEdit

Crafts that stayed fully or partially independent:

Crafts that became parts of Traditions:

Crafts that no longer exist in Revised Editions:

Ancient crafts:

  • Ngoma: African craft. Died out before 20th century, but recently its traditions were resurrected in Order of Hermes, and House Ngoma was created. Sphere: Mind.
  • Madzimbabwe: African craft. Became a part of Euthanatos Tradition. Sphere: Entropy.
  • the circle of red: a medieval sect of demonologists. mostly wiped out by the baali. the rest were enslaved by them

Crafts of unknown fate:

Crafts introduced in M20:

Borderline between crafts and sorcerers societies:



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