The Courts of Love were a feudal institution during the Dark Ages and the War of Princes, backed mainly by Toreador and centered around western France.


Originating in the romantic ideals of chivalry, the Courts of Love quickly became one of the gathering points for Cainites with interests into knighthood. It also became a major point of intrigue and strife between them. Lead by the powerful Toreador Salianna, the Courts of Love were main competitors with the German Ventrue and the iberian Lasombra.

When the Courts of Love were held, four thrones would be sat on a raised dais, and four unbreathing monarchs sat upon them, hearing the case being laid before their august judgment. These three women and one man were among the most powerful Cainites in the whole of France, the Queens of the Courts of Love: Isouda de Blaise, Queen of Blois, elegant in manner and wise in the ways of the Cainite heart and mind; Hélène la Juste, Queen of Champagne, afire with passion that often outstripped her wisdom; Etienne de Poitiers, King of Poitou, witty, charming, conniving; and Queen Salianna, the Matriarch of the Courts of Love.

With the departure of Esclarmonde during the Albigensian Crusade, the Courts of Love were faced with a crisis and eventually fell during the witch-hunts of the Inquisition.


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